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Dream with Tracy for the best life!

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So much is on the way!. . .

Dream With Tracy TV program coming soon!

Dream School experiences for quality living is the expectation!

Take off from here unless you have settled!

Dream Train is for audience participation and movement for dream wishes.

Dancer and cheer leader auditions coming soon. No calls!

Scheduled programs to be announced in February 2016.

Programming for fun and enjoyment.

Be a part of our television audience. Inquire or leave contact information via texts only!

Produce program topics in a video note and get producer credit.

To check for available underwriting call 415.763.7026 and state the nature of your call. No solicitations

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The No Complaining Challenge

No complaints!

Try to challenge yourself to practice this for a reasonable time each day.

This is a new, positive approach to handle daily life stressors.

This means exchanging a negative time for a more pleasant, positive one.

When you begin complaining for a time period, stop and think of something to be thankful about instead for a duration of time that is not too uncomfortable; it cannot be too comfortable.

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Artist State of the Art!

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Artist, you will never be less than an artist, but others might miss the opportunity to be inspired without your supply.
When your creative genius is at work and you are stopped by uncontrollable circumstances; know your sacred muse has not left, but will redirect you to the next work station allowing you more positive results for the final outcome.

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Changing Times

Time: 1950

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A worthy cause

Tracy Boyd Project, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

Your donation allows the development of educational and critical thinking materials for public use.

Media is brought to the public in video format, literature and online as a resource for the community.

See Random Comments and support to promote further development of critical thinking bulletins for enriching life.


All Artists and Talent!

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When you reflect back on some time, you will see that you are living the way you saw yourself living at that time - now . . .
Your triumphs are failures to those that are looking in front of them while you keep hitting your mark.
As long as I have lived, I have never been able to separate from the artist in me, even with storms, criticisms and the doubts and unbeliefs about my dreams and work of art from others coming at me.
Passionate artist, when your sacred muse calls you with a tug at the heart; know you are the chosen one who will drop the ball to work on art that saves the day .
You might get worked up and act out over lies without knowledge of the story.
A dream builder flows with the dream alongside the criticisms and goes around roadblocks!
If it feels you work hard to pay . . . It might be time to dream more to play.
Instead of running away from life matters, remember to get out of a place that you know is not right!
If your actions do not matter to you, you might understand why your favorite things do not matter to those around you?
Good things come to those who expect them!
Take the lead on your dream life.
With so many life events, plan for life dreams Now!
With so many thoughts, the only ones that count are the ones you need!
Sometimes, it's the best you would, not the best you could!
Doing it . . . right, makes life better.
Do what you do better than most!
Have you ever wanted to try something positive, but were too afraid to do it alone . . .
Do you feel you are in a place with no opportunity?
Dance to engage in clarity of mind!