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My Dream is to have A Dream

- Anonymous

My dream and wish is for our country and culture to learn to truly Love and appreciate all the people in it. True Genuine Love

- Jake

To go a [sic] Cleveland Cavaliers and meet Lebron James

- Mateo Marshall

That Preston graduate on time !!!

- Anonymous

To be able to start a family one day

- Anonymous

My dream is to have more weekends like this one - surrounded by good, kind, sweet friends who make me feel happy & whole & loved

- Allison

To be blessed enough to make it in life to be able to provide for myself and my family

- S. L.

My wish is your happiness!

- Anonymous

To meet Stampy Longnose someday

- Katie

That the horrible nationalism and racism we are currently enduring will open the eyes of people and that immeasurable change will come from it.

- Anonymous

I wish to be attending a Master's program for PA or Nursing

- Letty

I wish my life gets better

- E.W.

Love and equality

- Anonymous

For my mom to find happiness within herself, peace, love, contentment after this divorce

- Andrea Francesca

That my best friend and I can get on the same page and I stop having conflicting feelings

- Anonymous

I wish for 15 blake and white cat [sic]

- Hailey Mansard

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  • Plan to take a stand for rights
  • Plan to go on a vacation
  • Plan to live better
  • Plan to get off drugs
  • Plan to stop drinking
  • Plan to stop deceiving
  • Plan to stop cheating
  • Plan to make good food
  • Plan to make wise decisions
  • Plan to see family
  • Plan to see your parents
  • Plan to see your children
  • Plan to see your grandchildren
  • Plan to stop fighting
  • Plan to travel
  • Plan to get a degree
  • Plan to write a book
  • Plan to lose weight
  • Plan to drink healthy fluids
  • Plan to clean a room
  • Plan to cook a meal
  • Plan to buy a home
  • Plan organization
  • Plan your political campaign
  • Plan to be a judge
  • Plan to be an attorney
  • Plan to be a doctor
  • Plan to fix your teeth
  • Plan your transportation

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Dream Wishes . . .

I wish to graduate college.

- Anonymous

I wish to be a sheriff

- Anonymous

I don't really have any dreams they are goals. Dreams are fictional, things that can't happen. Goals are things that can be reached.

- Zay

World Peace! Is this possible?

- Anonymous

Make an international charity and be so rich and contribute to it myself

- Anonymous

I wish for everyone to have a family on Christmas

- Anonymous

Teach at | Semester at Sea 2021

- Anonymous

I wish I could get a car and an apartment this year!

- Jenna

I wish my fiance finds the job of his dreams

- Anonymous

Let him come back safe to us, so we might build a life of joy together

- Anonymous

To help solve big problems with technology

- Julia

I hope to continue my career in politics to help those w/out a voice.

- Bianca

Stability| success to get a big Blessing of 1,000000 dollars or more for my daughter and I

- Ruby P. Lee

I dream for equality

- Anonymous

I wish Greg the best happiest of b-day

- Anonymous

Equal Rights for all humans and animals.

- Megan - Sacramento