Beam Development

celebrate on the Dream Wish, Dream Train party event

Dream Wish, Dream Train Party Event

Write a Dream Wish, dance in the Dream Train and listen to live Dream Wishes

Bonus option: Dream Wishes from all the party guests in a sealed archival bag

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Dream Train Fun

Start working on your next birthday wish

Birthday Dream Wish Time Capsule

Send in your dream and make a wish now, before your birthday! Get a time capsule with your birthday Dream Wish published with the date sealed in an archival bag (8-15/16" x 11-1/4")


Start this month!

Interactive Dream Wish Calendar

Your Dream Wish (or target goal) with highlighted dates and goals you choose for the calendar added to a linked Web page after completion


Reward Yourself! Archive It!

Get your achieved Dream Wish with the date of any accomplishment printed and sealed in an archival bag (8-15/16" x 11-1/4")


Save $10 with purchase of the Interactive Dream Wish Calendar

Dream Wish baby keepsake

Dream Wish Baby Keepsake Archive

Celebrate the birth of your baby! Get a time capsule of yourDream Wish for his or her life published with the birth date sealed in an archival bag (8-15/16" x 11-1/4")


Get started! Stop procrastination!

Beam throughout your development and find shortcuts to your goals

Discussion on your values, meaning and relevant importance
Explore goals to accomplish dreams; discussing conviction, time and commitment
Assess and discuss evironmental, social and motivational factors

Dream Wishes