Dream Wish

A dream you wish to come true.

Dream Enjoyment

Make time for enjoyment.

Dream Love

Love yourself and learn how to give it.

Dream Excitement

See yourself in the place you desire with excitement.

No Isolation Mini-conference

If you are feeling badly because someone said something that gave you a sense you are nothing to him or her, or a sense you are nothing at all, avoid isolation and call. Do you feel trapped like you are in a state of imprisonment daily, although, there are no physical bars or chains present? If you say -- yes, call me.

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If you are called to do it, you are it to do it!

Who else will give you a break in life?

Often a better situation is trying to break through like plowing through the ground up to the surface and into your life, metaphorically speaking. The breaking might be described as, freeing something internally. You might reflect on a surprise positive turnaround in your life that brought a sense of relief and consider this as a breakthrough for the betterment in your life.

Tracy Boyd 3-quarter shot

Tracy Boyd, M.A.

Spiritual artist and Dream coach

California State University, Sacramento

Discussion on your values, meaning and relevant importance
Explore goals to accomplish dreams; discussing conviction, time and commitment
Assess and discuss evironmental, social and motivational factors

A Dream School structured lesson plan by your personal dream coach

Planned positive outcomes based on goal-setting, proven methods and intervention.

Positive behavioral intervention helps break into your current behaviors to modify them or replace them. A structured lesson plan has interventions to meet your goal objectives and provide feedback to encourage increased success and self-awareness. Habits consisting of negative or distorted thinking might be maladaptive. Staying on task and applying energy toward performing positive behaviors to meet a goal is a strength encouraged to further personal development.

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Schedule an interactive discussion with Dream Coach Tracy Boyd, M.A. about your dream wish or life goals. She will assist you in being proactive by setting new weekly goals and new challenges that encourage successfulness in your life with a Dream plan.

Make an immediate session a priority to build on current strengths.

You will need an Internet connection and video or audio device to complete a video consultation.

Program methods and techniques to reach your objectives

Gain more control over goals in your life!

Interventions are designed to improve behaviors, personal development, and self awareness while working on life goals.

The program uses methods to develop behaviors and cognitions for positive outlooks, expected outcomes, and a Dream plan designed to help you attain your dreams in life and target goals within a certain time.

Immediate feedback is given during discussions over a Webcam, which helps monitor progress.

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Dream Wishes