A dream wish is poised as, the dream you wish to come true!

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I wish my family keep their health, I wish the girl of my life come back to Sac. Thanks for this, it gives some kind of hope.

- Anonymous

I wish I could give my mom everything she wants.

- Ali

My dream is to become really successful and take care of my parents when they're older & also, just live comfortably 2-24-18

- Anonymous

We live in Mountain View & I wish to live close with the fam.

- Love Boud . . .

I wish to see parents w/kids w/disabilities learning about Recreation therapy; I love inclusion & want that for all.

- Alivia Gou

For to see my daughter Chantie, haven't seen her 10 yr.

- Shia . . .

I wish for my life to come together with my love my kids able to come home

- V . . . Lopez

My dream is to buy my parents their dream home.

- Anonymous