Dream Wish Analysis

Tracy Boyd, M.A.

People shared their dreams and wishes, which range from being: Altruistic; Personal; Socio-emotional; For Someone Else; Family Life; New Family Life; Financial; Promotion; Business & Career; Lifestyle and Uncategorized. There are many meanings to dream wishes that are undefined.

People make dream wishes

People Shared Their Dreams And Wishes


  • To experience true happiness
  • To have happiness and health
  • To get life into focus
  • To be sober and get life back
  • To have a better life
  • To be a good man
  • To be a good man
  • To be a person that people will love
For Someone Else
  • For my mom to find happiness within herself, peace, love, contentment after her divorce
  • To see parents with children with disabilities learn about Recreation therapy; I love inclusion and want that for all
Family Life
  • To see a child again a parent has not seen for over 10 years
  • That my kids grow to be successful
  • That my family have good health
  • To go to Disney World with my significant other
  • To do mission trips with our children
  • That the children be allowed to return home to the parent
New Family Life
  • To get married & have a baby
  • To be grandparents
  • To start a family
  • To have a family
  • To have a dream marriage
  • To be debt free
  • That others find happiness
  • That others learn to truly love and appreciate other people
  • To have equality in life
  • To have world peace
  • To own a home
  • To buy a car
  • To get an apartment
  • To go Cleveland Cavaliers game and meet Lebron James
Promotion, Business & Career
  • To graduate from college
  • To create an invention
  • To build a store
  • To get a job
  • To have a calling
  • To pass an exam
  • To attend a Master's program
  • To be successful
  • To become a lawyer
  • To be a world traveling chef
  • To import a horse for Hunter Derbies
  • To be a sheriff
  • To be elected to office
  • To win open weight
  • To teach at Sea
  • To be a professional entertainer
  • To solve big problems using technology
  • To take care of parents
  • To be able to provide for self and family
  • To buy a house for parents
  • To live close to family